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West Labs is a service dedicated to flow cytometry and cell biology for industry, biotech/pharma, research and academic institutions.

Using state-of-the-art technology and years of research and clinical expertise, West Labs helps get your research accomplished.
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West Labs has talent and experience.
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We provide publication quality data, imaging and figures for your research. We provide affordable, customized service to fit your research needs.

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It cannot be 2016 Already, can it?

We totally moved the lab.

So we have moved the lab north; 2 blocks from beautiful Lake Michigan in any direction.

December 2012

To new customers:

We'll be announcing deals for new clients starting in December. Contact us today if you're interested in deals as a new client.

What's happening Southwest Michigan

West Labs is located at the Southwest Michigan Innovation Center

Located in Western Michigan University's Business and Technology research park, the Southwest Michigan Innovation Center (or "SMIC") is home to some pretty amazing life sciences based companies. These include CeeTox, Proteos, MSDRx, Micromyx, Vestaron, RealBio and Launch MI Lab just to name a few.

Kalamazoo has a great deal to offer

This month we are pleased to spotlight the unveiling of "Launch MI Lab" ant the SMIC. the Southwest Michigan Innovation Center. Check out what Launch MI Lab has to offer today!

Lab Highlights

Spotlight: Launch MI Lab

West Labs has been housed in the Michigan Core Life Sciences Lab since it was founded, that all changed a few weeks ago as the SMIC went live with "Launch MI Lab". Check out Launch MI Lab today if you are interested in starting a company of your own.

Multicolor Flow Cytometry

The right panel of antibodies can help you properly identify not only the lineage of leukemic cells but also the maturation state as well as aberrant markers that correlate to poor prognosis.

Cell Cycle Analysis

West Labs provides cell cycle analysis. We can determine if cells are arrested in one phase of the cell cycle or if there is a population of cells with an aneuploid DNA content. Contact us today for more information on this service.
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Using flow cytometry and monoclonal antibodies, West Labs can detect cell surface, cytoplasmic and intranuclear proteins. This helps identify cells from tissues including blood, bone marrow, lymph glands and solid tumors. Contact us today for more information on this service.
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Cell Culture

If you have a project that involves cell culture, West Labs can help. We have extensive experience in mammalian cell culture and facilities to match. Whether for QC, R&D or research we maintain the highest standards. Contact us today for more information on this service.
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West Labs Scientific LLC is a full service support laboratory specializing in flow cytometry, cell culture, analysis and imaging. Contact us today to discuss how West Labs can help you. West Labs Scientific - Where results begin.


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